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Turn ambition into reality with
Objectives & Key Results (OKR)
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Goal Realization with OKRs

OKR has been around for quite some time now. Exponential organizations such as Zalando, Google and Facebook state that they owe a significant part of their success to OKR. Adoption recently accelerated after John Doerr published his book ‘Measure What Matters’. Organizations are becoming increasingly aware that OKR can be of tremendous help to execute their strategy and to realize their ambition.

There is nothing magical about OKR. It is just a methodology. But with a solid implementation, it can be extremely powerful. OKR connects employees and teams to organizational goals and objectives, creating focus, alignment and acceleration. It forces people to critically think about their contribution to organizational success and customer value.

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Why 'Great in OKRs'?

The OKR methodology is easy to understand, but still requires quite some knowledge, insight and support for the employees that work with OKRs. Many OKR coaches focus on learning you how to define an Objective and to assign the right measures for the associated Key Results. This is indeed the first step in working with OKRs, but it is no guarantee for success. Real impact will only be made if you are able to adopt the key characteristics of an effective OKR framework in the organization.

The training and support that ‘Great in OKRs’ provides always covers both elements. We learn you to craft effective OKRs that are aligned with the mission (purpose), vision and strategy of the organization as well as how to embed OKRs successfully in the daily routine of the organization. We make you Great in OKRs!
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How to become Great in OKRs

Becoming Great in OKRs requires dedication, enthusiasm and perseverance. Great in OKRs support you with practical training, coaching and workshops. For organizations that do not yet work with OKRs but that are curious about the benefits, we organize tailored OKR Discovery sessions.

Our OKR Training program consists of role-specific training. With subsequent coaching we ensure that all the competencies that are needed to make OKR a success are available in the organization. For those that already work with OKRs, we have designed the OKR Reboot program. We assess the performance of the current OKR framework and zoom in on the potential for improvement.

How to become Great in OKRs

OKR Training Program

Great in OKRs offers role-specific training programs.

For employees and teams that (are going to) use OKRs in their daily work, we have designed the OKR Practitioner training. For those that have a supportive OKR-role in their organization, we created the OKR Ambassador and the OKR Champion program. These consist of training, workshops and follow-up through coaching (remote or onsite).
OKR Practitioner
OKR Practitioner Training
Duration: 0,5 day workshop
Hands-on, together with your team, put OKRs into practice, make it an integral part of your daily work.

  • OKRs Hands-on
  • OKRs Follow-up

OKR Ambassador
OKR Ambassador Training
Duration: 1 day training & workshop
Up-to-speed with the practical side of OKRs! This training equips you to support your team members with OKR crafting and with the follow-up during the OKR cycle.
  • OKRs Foundation
  • OKRs Hands-on
  • OKRs Follow-up
OKR Champion
OKR Champion Training
Duration: 1,5 day / 3-6 months of coaching
An extensive program that trains and coaches OKR Champions so that they can comfortably and independently guide the OKR implementation in their organization.
  • OKRs Introduction
  • OKRs Foundation
  • OKRs Hands-on
  • OKRs Follow-up
  • OKRs Implementation