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OKR consultants

  • Passionate, experienced OKR consultants
  • Focused on creating awareness among employees of their potential and relevance to the organization
  • We trigger critical thinking at both team level as well as the individual level
  • On a mission to create tangible impact from OKRs for our clients
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and experienced speakers on the topics of Strategy Execution, Goal Realization and Change Management
Great in OKRs is an initiative of Objeqts as a response to the greater need from our clients to assist them in OKR training and coaching. It is great to see that OKR is quickly gaining traction in Europe. With Great in OKRs, we have created a home for OKR Training & Mastering. Our goal is simple: Make all our clients Great in OKRs!

We have been working on goal realization and strategy execution for more than 10 years. We firmly belief that the key to success is the employee. Processes, procedures and systems are important but secondary. Goal realization, performance, improvement, innovation and customer value are ultimately delivered through employees, not through systems and tools. That’s why in all our work, we put the employee and the teams centerstage. For goal realization, OKR is the preferred framework. It closely aligns with a modern, customer-centric and agile way of working, and fits in seamlessly with lean and holacracy.
Jan Paul van Vliet
Jan Paul van Vliet
When I reflect on my professional life, the most energetic and impactful moments were those where I was able to help companies to truly unleash the potential of their people. Putting people’s strengths to use is a guiding principle in my work and is something that I am good at and love doing. With my background as an organizational sociologist I profoundly believe in the importance of openness and transparency in working environments. My background in business economics helps me to never lose sight on the bottom line impact that I am realizing for my customers. It all drills down to bridging the gap between engagement and performance.
Martine Zom
Martine Zom
My personal aim is to connect people, environments and technology to deliver an exceptional employee experience. I am always looking for additional impact beyond the topic of intranet environments and digital workplaces. I speed up processes via a direct communication style, separating main and side issues while building relationships. I strongly believe that an employee-centric mindset will create a company culture that turns employees into a company’s greatest assets.