OKR Ambassador Training

Get up to speed and be able to assist your colleagues
in OKR-crafting and during the OKR cycle
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OKR Ambassador

Role of the OKR Ambassador

Organizations are made up from departments and teams that ideally work closely together on common goals and objectives. The OKR Ambassador is usually a team or department member and has very good knowledge of the actual work that is being done by the team or department. He/her role as an OKR Ambassador is to be the linking pin between his/her own team/department and other parts of the organization regarding OKR-related matters. They ensure that there is alignment between the OKRs of the different teams/departments and that the OKRs of their own team/department are connected to the overall objectives and strategy of the organization. They safeguard the periodic check-in process and serve as a first point of contact for team/department members.

The OKR Champion and the OKR Ambassador are OKR Subject Matter Experts for the other members of the team or department. But the role of OKR Ambassador is much more hands-on than the role of a Champion, as the Ambassador provides support to the team/department in the context of the daily work of direct colleagues.

OKR Ambassador program

1-day OKR training & workshop

Our OKR Ambassador program brings you up to speed with the practicalities of working with OKRs. At the end to the training, participants will be able to support team members and direct colleagues with crafting effective OKRs and with the follow-up during the OKR cycle.

OKRs Foundation:

  • What is an Objective and how do I write a proper one
  • How do you define meaningful Key Results for the Objective
  • Learn the difference between activity-based and value-based Key Results
  • Learn how to work with key initiatives or actions that bring you closer to the Objective
  • Understand the difference between ‘leading’ and ‘lagging’ indicators
  • Understand the difference between ‘output’ and ‘outcome’

OKRs Hands-on:

  • OKR examples, best practices and do’s and don’ts
  • Learn to craft your own OKRs
  • Learn to work with stretched goals and to grade your OKRs
  • Practice OKR alignment
  • Practice in making choice by setting priorities and by creating focus
  • Practice with defining key initiatives or actions for your Objectives

OKR Follow-up:

  • Understand the check-in routine
  • Familiarize yourself with ‘confidence levels”
  • Understand the importance of Conversation, Feedback and Recognition
  • Understand the process towards aligned OKRs (horizontal and vertical)
  • Familiarize yourself with the effective usage of OKR Software

Practical information

Type of training: In-company training / workshop / coaching
Location: On-site or off-site
Who: OKR Ambassadors / Team leads / (Agile) coaches
Duration: 1 day
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Yes, I want to know more!