OKR Champion Training

An extensive training and coaching program
to enable independent OKR implementation
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OKR Ambassador

Role of the OKR Champion

Almost every organization that is serious about OKR has created separate roles for employees that guide the implementation of OKRs and that continue to monitor and ensure proper use thereafter. We call this the OKR Champion. OKR Champions are usually the most knowledgeable persons in the organization (on OKR) and they serve as primary source and point of contact for ‘technical’ OKR matters. The Champion usually has a direct line to the OKR sponsor at the leadership/C-level. The Champion has deep knowledge about the OKR framework and knows how to deploy it in the organization. He/she is involved in the crafting and reviewing of OKRs, facilitates alignment and ensures there is clarity regarding priorities in order to create the right focus.

Hence, the OKR Champion role is not just an additional role that is being created in the organigram. It requires OKR expertise as well as the ability to address all the dynamics and possible frictions that working with OKRs creates in the organization. This requires a combination of knowledge, experience and mastery. In-depth training and follow-up coaching before and during the implementation are therefore essential for success.

OKR Champion program

1.5-day OKR training & workshop / 3-6 months coaching

We developed an extensive program to train and coach OKR Champions so that they can comfortably and independently guide the OKR implementation in their organization. It is designed to obtain a thorough understanding of the background, the mechanics and implications of OKR. Through the program, we create OKR gurus that know all the ins & outs of OKR, that know how to effectively deploy it in the organization, and that are capable of transfering their knowledge to the rest of the organization.

Subsequent to the training, we are available for tailored on-the-job coaching, for example by reviewing the framework, by assisting with training sessions, check-ins and alignment sessions. Or simply through periodical one-on-ones.

OKRs Introduction:

  • Introduction of Objectives & Key Results (OKR) as a “Platform for Goal Realization” and as a “Critical Thinking Framework”
  • Learn about the most important characteristics of OKRs: Focus, Alignment, Engagement, Ambition, Acceleration

OKRs Foundation:

  • What is an Objective and how do I write a proper one
  • How do you define meaningful Key Results for the Objective
  • Learn the difference between activity-based and value-based Key Results
  • Learn how to work with key initiatives or actions that bring you closer to the Objectives
  • Understand the difference between ‘leading’ and ‘lagging’ indicators
  • Understand the difference between ‘output’ and ‘outcome’

OKRs Hands-on:

  • OKR examples, best practices and do’s and don’ts
  • Learn to craft your own OKRs
  • Learn to work with stretched goals and to grade your OKRs
  • Practice OKR alignment
  • Practice decision making by setting priorities and by creating focus
  • Practice with defining key initiatives or actions for your Objectives

OKR Follow-up:

  • Understand the check-in routine
  • Familiarize yourself with ‘confidence levels”
  • Understand the importance of Conversation, Feedback and Recognition
  • Understand the process towards aligned OKRs (horizontal and vertical)
  • Familiarize yourself with the effective usage of OKR Software

OKR Implementation:

  • Learn the interaction and interrelation with KPIs, MBO, Balanced Scorecard, OGSM, Lean, Agility
  • Learn how to embed OKRs in the daily work-routine
  • OKRs in relation to incentives & rewards
  • Communication
  • Alignment
  • Senior Sponsorship

Practical information

Type of training: In-company training / workshop / coaching
Location: On-site or off-site
Who: OKR Ambassadors / Team leads / (Agile) coaches
Duration: 1-1.5-day
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Yes, I want to know more!