OKR Practitioner Training

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OKR Ambassador

Role of the OKR Practitioner

OKRs are jointly agreed among team and department members. This is done simultaneously by all teams in the organization, creating the need to align OKRs so that there is focus on common priorities. All this of course directly connected with the overall goals and objectives.

Subsequently, there are weekly team check-ins where progress is being discussed and actions are agreed upon. This cycle of OKR crafting, horizontal and vertical alignment, weekly check-in and reflection are new to employees and requires training.

OKR Practitioner program

0.5-day OKR workshop

OKRs Hands-on:

  • OKR examples, best practices and do’s and don’ts
  • Learn to craft your own OKRs
  • Learn to work with stretched goals and to grade your OKRs
  • Practice OKR alignment
  • Practice in making choice by setting priorities and by creating focus
  • Practice with defining key initiatives or actions for your Objectives

OKR Follow-up:

  • Understand the check-in routine
  • Familiarize yourself with ‘confidence levels”
  • Understand the importance of Conversation, Feedback and Recognition
  • Understand the process towards aligned OKRs (horizontal and vertical)
  • Familiarize yourself with the effective usage of OKR Software

Practical information

Type of training: In-company training workshop
Location: On-site or off-site
Who: OKR Practitioners
Duration: 0.5-day
Yes, I want to know more!
Yes, I want to know more!